List of Accepted Papers

Paper# Authors, Title
7 Rishabh Bhooshan Mishra, S Santosh Kumar and Ravindra Mukhiya. Design and Simulation of Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Blood Pressure Sensing Application
8 Sharmistha Adhikari and Sangram Ray. A Lightweight and Secure IoT Communication Framework in Content Centric Network using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
10 Sikandar Sikandar and Km. Kamakshi. Analysis of Plus Shape Slot Loaded Circular Microstrip Antenna
11 Shrabanti Mandal, Girish Kumar Singh and Anita Pal. A Constraints Driven PSO Based Approach for Text Summarization
12 Laxman Saha, Satyabrata Das and Aparna Das. Antipodal number of complete binary trees
16 Atul Uttam and Sasmita Behera. ToA Localization Using Two BTSs and Three BTSs In GSM Network
17 Tasleem Jamal, Misbahul Haque, Mohd Imran and Mohammad Abdul Qadeer. LTE Network: Performance analysis based on Operating Frequency
20 Anil Kumar C and Rajendra Naik B. An Approach Based on Compressive Sensing and FrWT for Secure Image Transmission
21 Vishal Kesari. Magnetic Field Sensitivity in a Depressed Collector for Millimeter-wave Gyrotron
24 Anupam Yadav and Ashish Sharma. Function Point Based Estimation of Effort and Cost in Agile Software Development.
25 Awadhesh Singh and Nar Singh. Comparative Response Evaluation of Multilevel PSK and QAM Schemes
28 Pratima Yadav and Nagendra Pratap Singh. Classication of normal and abnormal retinal image by using feature based machine learning approach
34 Shalini Rai and Rajeev Srivastava. FPGA Realization of Scale Free CORDIC Algorithm Based Window Functions
35 Rohit Kumar, Raghavendra Pal, Arun Prakash and Rajeev Tripathi. A COLLECTIVE SCHEDULING ALGORITHM FOR VEHICULAR AD HOC NETWORK
41 Shashi Prabha and Raghav Yadav. Trusted-Differential Evolution Algorithm For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
44 Kurmendra ., Rajesh Kumar and Osor Pertin. Design of an improved micro-electro-mechanical systems switch for RF Communication System
46 Arvind Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Prateek Gautam, Akshay Verma and Tarique Rashid. Performance Evaluation of Multi-Operands Floating Point Adder
49 Amrish Kumar, Abhinav Gupta and Sanjeev Rai. A Comparative Analysis of Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Double Metal Double Gate SOI-MOSFETs at the Zero Temperature-Coefficient Bias Point
54 Yogesh Tripathi, Arun Prakash and Rajeev Tripathi. A Delay Oriented Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
55 Yogesh Tripathi, Arun Prakash and Rajeev Tripathi. An Energy Balanced Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network
57 Bandan Bhoi, Neeraj Misa and Rasmishree Rout. An Explicit Cell-Based Nesting Robust Architecture And Analysis of Full Adder
58 Rahul Chandra Kushwaha, Achintya Singhal and Santanu Kumar Swain. Learning Pattern Analysis: A Case Study of Moodle Learning Management System
62 Shashi Kumar. Fractal Geometry with Enhanced Bandwidth using Periodically Capacitive Loading Structure
63 Roopam Sadh and Rajeev Kumar. EDM Framework for Knowledge Discovery in Educational Domain
74 Muskaan Singh, Ravinder Kumar and Inderveer Chana. GA based Machine Translation System for Sanskrit to Hindi Language
80 Himanshu Sahu and Neha Sharma. A New Framework for collecting implicit user feedback For Movie Recommendation System
86 Prashant Srivastava, Arati Kushwaha and Ashish Khare. Content-Based Image Retrieval using Local Binary Pattern and Speeded-Up Robust Feature
87 Laxman Kumar, Sudipta Roy, Vatsal Sanghvi and Raj Geriya. Music Tagging and Similarity Analysis for Recommendation and plagiarism Detection
98 Divesh Kumar and Dheeraj Kalra. Analysis of Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Micro-Strain Sensor
100 Lalit Kumar and Kusum Kumari Bharti. An Improved BPSO Algorithm for Feature Selection
101 Nivedita Kar, Ankita Kar and C.K. Dwivedi. Prospective of Automation for Checkbook Method in Cultivating Allium cepa
115 Sugandha Yadav. low power SAR ADC based on charge redistribution using double tail comparator
116 Mahdi Khosravy, Nilesh Patel, Neeraj Gupta and Ishwar Sethi. Image Quality Assessment: A Review to Full Reference Indexes
119 Neelesh Agrawal, Jamshed Ansari, Navendu Nitin and Mohd Siddiqui. Design and Analysis of W-Slot Microstrip Antenna
123 Shivani Singh and Gagandeep Bharti. A Multi-Band Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth for Wireless Applications using Defected Ground Structure
128 Sarika Yadav and Rama Shankar Yadav. Redundancy Elimination during Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor IoT Systems
133 Gargi Srivastava and Rajeev Srivastava. An Improved Active Contour Model for Salient Object Detection using Edge Cues
134 Ankit Kumar Jaiswal and Rajeev Srivastava. CMFD Using Shift Invariant SWT and Block Division Mean Features
137 Md. Khaliluzzaman and Kaushik Deb. A Vision Based Real-time Driver Identity Recognition and Attention Monitoring System
138 Reddymounika Bommisetty, Asish Khare and Om Prakash. Shot Boundary Detection based Key frame Extraction using Zero Normalized Pixel Correlation coefficient and Higher order Color Moments
143 Arati Kushwaha, Om Prakash and Ashish Khare. Dense Flow based Video Object Segmentation in Dynamic Scenario
145 Vinit Jaiswal, Divya Sharma, Y. K. Prajapati and Rajeev Tripathi. Performance Optimization of Carving Signal RZ-DQPSK Modulation Scheme
148 Hyunsu Jeong, Jeonghwan Gwak, Cheolbin Park, Om Prakash and Jong-In Song. Enabling More Accurate Bounding Boxes for Deep Learning-based Real-time Human Detection
150 Dheeraj Kalra, Manish Kumar and Abhay Chaturvedi. Design of High Gain CG-CS 3.1-10.6 GHz UWB CMOS Low Noise Amplifier
152 Arun Kumar Singh, Sheo Kumar Mishra and Saurabh Dixit. Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks: Cooperative MIMO-OFDM
153 Shivani Mishra. Forensic Investigation Framework for Complex Cyber Attack on Cyber Physical System by Using goals/Sub Goals of an Attack and Epidemics of Malware in a Sys-tem
155 Kamal Kishor Upadhyay, Vanya Arun, Saumya Srivastava, Narendra Kumar Shukla and Nikhlesh Kumar Mishra. Design and Performance Analysis of Reversible XOR Logic Gate
159 Brajesh Singh and Dr. Awadhesh Kumar. Stabilization and Control of Magnetic Levitation System using 2-Degree-of-Freedom PID Controller
160 Gurwinder Singh, Birmohan Singh and Manpreet Kaur. Analysis of Electroencephalogram for the recognition of Epileptogenic area using Ensemble Empirical Mode decomposition
161 Abhishek Saroj, Mohd. Gulman Siddiqui, Devesh Tiwari and Jamshed A. Ansari. Study the Effect of Ground on Circular Loop Patch Antenna (CLPA)
163 Manish Khare, Prashant Srivastava and Moongu Jeon. Recognition of Human Activities in Daubechies Complex Wavelet Domain
165 Abdus Samad and Savita Gautam. Level-wise Scheduling Algorithm for Linearly Extensible Multiprocessor Systems
166 Brij Bansh Anchal, Preetam Singh and Ram Pyare. Development of nano-rough Zn0.92 Fe0.08 O thin film by high electro-spin technique via solid state route and verify as methane sensor
167 Shiksha Singh and Nagendra Pratap Singh. Machine Learning based Classification of Good and Rotten Apple
168 Ankit Patel, Komal Jaiswal, Shekhar Yadav, Karunesh Srivastava, Akhilesh Pandey and Rajeev Singh. A Compact Inverted V-shaped slotted Triple and Wideband Patch Antenna for K, Ka and Ku band Applications
171 Prateek Sharma, Pranjali Kokare and Maheshkumar Kolekar. Performance Comparison of KLT and CAMSHIFT Algorithms for Video Object Tracking
181 Manish Jaiswal, Anima Srivastava and Tanveer J. Siddiqui. Machine Learning Algorithms for Anemia disease Prediction
183 Karthikeyan Selvaraj, Rizwan Patan and Balamurugan B. Enhancement of Security in the Internet of Things (IoT) by using X.509 Authentication Mechanism
184 Shekhar Yadav, Komal Jaiswal, Ankit Patel, Sweta Singh, Rajeev Singh and Akhilesh Pandey. Notch Loaded Patch Antenna with Multiple Shorting for X and K Band Applications
186 Manoj Kumar Sharma, Renu Vig and Gagandeep Sahib. Effect of Secondary Path Lengths in the Performance of FxLMS and Virtual Sensing based ANC System
188 Pawan Kumar Upadhyay and Satish Chandra. An Acceleration of Improved Segmentation Methods for Dermoscopy Images using GPU
195 Sejeong Lee, Jeonghwan Gwak, Manish Khare, Ashish Khare and Moongu Jeon. Comparative Study on Person Re-identification using Shape and Color-based Human Body Part Matching
196 Jeonghwan Gwak. Deep Leaning-based Approach for Mental Workload Stages Discrimination from Multi-Channel fNIRS
198 Rakesh Kumar, Selvakumar G, Valluri Sarimela and Shashikant Chaudhari. Framework for Intelligent Software Defined Networking For Wired and Wireless Networks
200 Ujjawala Yati and Mantosh Biswas. Dual Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Image Fusion Using Averaging Principal Component
201 Abhishek Gandhar, Sunil Gupta and Shashi Gandhar. Improvement of Voltage stability index in Wind Power Systems using ANFIS tuned STATCOM
205 Chandni . and Alok Kumar Singh Kushwaha. Delving Deeper with Dual-Stream CNN for Activity Recognition