Special Session on Frontiers in Multimedia Analytics

Special Session on Frontiers in Multimedia Analytics: Advancements in Critical Multimedia Systems and its Applications

Call for Papers

We live in the world where everything is based on media files and systems. Multimedia name itself states two things i.e. Multi and Media, stores and transmits the media data (text and graphic) over web. It has information in the form of image, audio/music, video and etc. Multimedia plays a very important role in day to day life of any common person. Thus it has become the best way to communicate and understand the information from other person and outside world. It has vast range of applications such as techno-schools, advertisements, share marketing, healthcare, engineering, social media, electronic news papers, network data transmission, virtual data hiding i.e. watermarking, video surveillance, public places (trains, railways, libraries etc.). Hence in all these applications multimedia information has to be stored in computer system with high level of indexing so that the data can be retrieved and transmitted over web fast and efficiently. Thus it is required to enhance and develop novel techniques at various stages of the multimedia based product/machine development.

Recent advancements in electronic multimedia systems such as smart phones, Digitized cameras, advanced gaming consoles and etc had expanded the scope of inventing new critical mechanisms/techniques in data storage, retrieval, transformation and security. This emerging critical multimedia data will include the data like: Image data, Audio data, Video data, Sensor data, Social media data, Network data and etc. This high dimension data needs to be efficiently indexed for fast storage and retrieval. The traditional multimedia system techniques which may work at lower scales might not be suitable for vide and massive data. To successfully build advanced and critical multimedia systems we need new techniques at various stages of the product/machine development such as preprocessing, segmentation, object recognition, feature extraction, indexing, secured data transmission and etc. Thus multimedia analytics had gained more importance in the recent research and literature for various applications like dynamic video storytelling, image/video summarization, image/video retrieval, image/video stenography, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) in medical imaging technology and etc.

This special session will examine the frontier of developing novel multimedia applications using advanced techniques in image and signal processing. It is also aimed to discuss pitfalls in state-of-the-art approaches of emerging multimedia analytics. Some of them are social media data mining, multimedia based location recognition, contextual multimedia modeling, Annotation and semantic analysis of multimedia data, multimedia affection computing and finally performance evaluation for emerging multimedia analytics techniques and applications.

The technical topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-model data learning using Machine learning.
  • Multimedia Application for Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Multimedia Data Processing
  • Multimedia in Biomedical Imaging
  • Multimedia for computer vision
  • Multimedia applications in smart city
  • AI in Multimedia
  • Network Virtualization using Multimedia
  • Multimedia data security
  • Analysis and mining of visual data
  • Interactive Multimedia: 5D, 7D etc
  • Multimedia Retrieval Applications
  • Pattern Analysis

Session Organizers

  • Dr Rajitha Bakthula (Assistant Professor, CSED, MNNIT Allahabad)
    Email: rajitha@mnnit.ac.in
  • Prof. Suneeta Agarwal (Professor, CSED, MNNIT Allahabad)
    Email: suneeta@mnnit.ac.in

Paper Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be in English with a maximum paper length of eight (8) pages. See conference web site for detailed formatting instructions.

Paper Submission Guidelines

  • Paper submission deadline: March 15th 2018
  • Acceptance Notification: March 30th 2018
  • Camera-Ready: April 4th 2018